Peggy Ann

Written by: Susan Burd

I knew a girl named Peggy Ann
Who turned three shades of mean
Whenever she saw vegetables
With any hint of green.

Bibb lettuce made her curl her toes;
String beans made her lips purse.
Cooked broccoli just grossed her out
And peas were even worse.

No matter what her mother served
Upon her dinner plate,
Poor Peggy Ann would start a fuss
That ended with debate.

She’d whine and whimper all the time
For something else to eat,
So she was given some dessert
Which changed her back to sweet.

And after weeks and weeks of this,
She started to fill out.
Then as the months began to mound
Sweet Peggy Ann grew stout.

When she got too big for the house,
They moved her to the barn,
Along side of the wooly sheep
Where she could spin some yarn.

And when she turned too sickening sweet,
The sheep were kind of glad.
Her own stench sweetened up the joint-
It wasn’t all that baaaaad!

By Susan Burd © 2011