Twin Peaks

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

Twin Peaks 
My nana used to say don’t go out without your vest
I wish that I had listened, cos I have an infection on my chest…
The dear old Spanish mama’s still in goose fat do believe
They say pack it on - and your chest it will relieve.

They say you just get someone you like to gently rub it on
But where will I get the geese and fat - cos I’m gonna need a ton?
They also recommend that I can use the salt so fine
That’s not a bad idea because we are close to a salt mine…

Now packed with a greased up, very salty vest 
I am wondering if… it will ever improve my chest.
I have come across a problem the grease and fat baked on so hard
I am now a tourist attraction, so stand in line and take a card.

The vest has set so well and the infection did not stay
I am waiting for the council to bring the kangos hammers near this way
We have tried a pick and shovel, a hammer and chisel too
But none will break through the vest, what am I going to do?

Google earth have now contacted me and said they will come out and re map
Because as I am a tourist attraction they want the people to come on back
I will have my own listing and for those who’s Spanish is a little weak
The literal translation to find me, just look under the words “Twin peaks.”
© ~GG~ 17/10/2102