Love, Again

Written by: Summer Arthur

I don't understand where we went wrong
But I'm tired of fighting this losing battle,
You walked away, didn't even look back, 
So why am I still here?

We had something special, wonderful,
But you let it go like it meant not a thing,
We used to talk all the time, late nights
And cigarette butts scattered on the ground.

Now there's only the ringing silence,
Sadness springs where joy once was,
But if you could only see how much
Stronger I've grown, I think you'd be proud.

You used to tell me you missed me,
Couldn't wait to see me but now
You've grown so cold and I don't
Know why I still hold on.

Why I still hold onto all the memories,
All the happiness you gave me
Only to take it away again,
But I won't let you take the best of me.

I won't let it ever get that far, no, never,
I've finally had enough of all this s**t,
It's time to pack my bags cause this time
I mean it when I say goodbye.

Cause these tears have cried one
Final time, you no longer hold my heart,
I'm able to smile, to laugh and
I will learn to love again...