Marital regrets best left unkept

Written by: Sha'ntez Jefferson

Through thick and thin those rules of a vow bent
It pricks within a bond never heaven sent
Numerous signs shown to eyes so love blind
A devious design should have been left behind

Boundaries we both set grossly overstepped
Promises meant to be kept now mostly regrets
Prayed for a family but deviated from folded hands
Heart slayed a tragedy then meditated to understand

Grass looked greener hopped the fence it was scorched
Needed a disclaimer the whole front yard torched
Searchin for a solution that holds no retribution
Never found absolution so separations the conclusion

To break out of bondage make sense out of nonsense
For a sexual offence have to find mental defense
Cant keep giving chances when options are squandered
Life would be advanceless if this i just pondered.

Sha'ntez Jefferson