Written by: jan oskar hansen

A friend of mine, who used to be a chef, 
was filleting a mackerel when he found 
a ring, inside the ring read: Magda 1972.
The golden ring, my friend wore on is left
Index finger. But it chafed and chafed till 
Skin broke and he got an ulcer.

Fed up with this and perhaps a little 
inebriated he gave the ring to a girl in 
a bar in Rotterdam…she looked at
the engraving of the ring and fainted.
It had belonged to her husband who 
tragically drowned at sea.

My friend, liked the woman – no longer
a mere girl- and despite her past, he
married Magda, She sold the ring and 
with the proceed was able to buy a little 
bar, but my friend´s finger turned septic 
and had to be amputated.