Legacy of Love

Written by: Nick Ruff

I know that there will come a day
When I’ll no longer see your face;
When I’ll no longer hear your voice,
Or feel the warmth of your embrace

I know one day a time will come
When we’ll no longer dream together;
The growing bond between our lives
The hand of death will one day sever

And though this day is far from us,
I hope that when it comes at last,
The love we shared throughout our lives
Will not stay buried in the past

I pray that we can forge a love
So strong that it surmounts the grave,
And finds its way inside the lives
Of children that we helped to raise

I pray that when we leave this earth,
We leave compassion in our wake;
That every life we touch will serve
To stop the vicious flow of hate

Let our love be our legacy,
And be a light for those ahead,
To brightly burn in future hearts
When our own light has reached its end.