Sweet Relief

Written by: Susan Burd

If you should find,
On one hot day,
Late in July,
While out to play

You’re hot as heck
And sweatin’ bad;
Don’t have a fit
Or get all mad.

Just listen to 
My sweet advice,
So next time you
Won’t pay the price:

In December,
This very year,
When nights are cold
And crystal clear,

You gotta think
Like smart kids do
And organize
Your snowball crew.

Avoid all spots
Where it’s yellow-
That might surely
Kill a fellow.

Scout for the snow
That’s purest white,
Make at least ten
And pack ‘em tight.

Then take them home-
So mom can’t see-
And stash those balls
Where they should be-

Way back inside,
Behind the beef;
The freezer hides
Them from a thief.

Then next year as
July rolls ‘round,
When brains could melt
Into the ground,

Gather your friends
And dig ice balls
Out from inside
The freezer walls.

Mix up some juice
And soda pop,
Pour over ice
Up to the top.

Then have a taste.
You’ll feel no grief
As you have found
Some sweet relief!

By Susan Burd ©2012