Written by: wamaitha beth

Oh! My ! This is too much to bear 
My heart is so downcasted
And my mind not to know of what to think
Neither are my lips aware of what to speak
Why? why? Why? Now

 I thought you had changed but that was a dream
A good pretence you had,asking for a start over
Crying and promising to be the best
But what now?
What will you say?
Its too late am out!

Its now or never ,
All is torn apart and I can't take it anymore
I cannot hold on again
I've tried to but now am letting it go
The water has spilled no way of getting it back to the pot
Becausre we are never never!getting back together

Your freedom ,
,take it and share to your concubines
Bring your mistress into your house 
Enjoy yourself to the length,
But in the sunshine I will be gone
 wave me goodbye.
Because am out

Loneliness will kill ,all shall leave
And the cute looks will wear out
And your swag will be no more.
Your children ,
never to see them again
In the land beyound the hills I will take them,
And away from your pain and toture my heart will be safe
Goodbye my love
Because am out