Before you go

Written by: Lati james

Just me and you
In a dark room
I know you gotta leave soon
But i wanna hear your heartbeat...
It lets me know that you bleed
It lets me know that you feel pain 
just like me.
I put your hand on my chest and 
look up at you
I say its okay, you can feel mine 
you pull away but I don't except 
I put your hand back cuz I know that 
your just scared
Cuz those feelings you have for me 
aren't supposed to be there.
Your showing the feelings that you 
usually keep so discrete
And that right there puts us in heat.
And in this moment of heat
You grab the sheets
And from your head to your feet
Every inch of you taste so sweet,
Your feelings aren't deplete
And I know all this because I heard 
your heartbeat.
And me laying here
With your chest to my ear
Is just one more memory of us I 
won't be able to delete
And we're a little offbeat
But the evidence is concrete
That I love you and you love me
And I know all of this... Because I 
felt your heartbeat<3