The dog-man

Written by: Seren Roberts

He wears rags for clothes,
Tied up with string.
Spends all his money
On other things.

Has borrowed a trolley
To carry his stuff.
Many a carrier bag
One not enough.

What does he have
In this treasure trove.
Stuff to sell ,
For those he love.

For he is the dog man
Has a dozen or more.
Rescues them 
From death's door

They all walk together
Attached to his cart
Coats agleaming
Found new heart

He buys biscuits to feed them
From a large pet-store.
Also people will drop off
A few cans or more

He cant get a bed
Cos dogs not allowed.
So he sleeps under a bridge
With dogs huddled around.

They keep him warm 
In the coldest night.
But he is now elderly
Authorities say its not right.

People heard of his trouble
Trying to keep dogs from the pound.
Thanks to someone's generosity
An answer was found.

Now he is happy
Has a place for his head
All are kept warm
In a large garden shed.

True story, unfortunately he died, people came forward and rescued all his dogs.

Thank you Vie for reminding me of this man with your poem about the  pigeon lady.