Written by: Cyndi MacMillan

Small hands
tug her pink bear to dreamland
where pups wag tails for an affectionate moon
while a cool cat... fiddles with tunes...
old rock n’ roll tunes.

Oh, her smile charms the darkness
She coos to me such darling lullabies
heard in the softness of her sighs...
those soft, little sighs.

She sleeps
I long to take a peek
missing the million wonders that is her 
This heart, so moved, sleepwalks
past dolls and blocks for my precious girl stirs.

Hush, dear,
I’m always nearby so hush, dear
awed stars twinkle in a heavenly blue
and your mommy loves you...
...Sweet you...

Written for Craig Cornish’s Sleepwalk Contest, Oct 15, 2012
These lyrics were penned for Richie Valens version of the instrumental,  Sleepwalk