The Quivering Rabbit

Written by: Mark Goodson

The quivering Rabbit lies upon the cold frozen ground
Ground of thorn thickets cockleburs and tall sun dried sage brown
The hidden openings  rocky places it had played its escape
The hounds of death had chased it from these it thought safe
It had prior since run for its life from such numerous hounds
Each experience taught it that life won- is a daily round
But the older and wiser the rabbit became
The fatter and slower- thus the hounds did gain
Tattered flesh its hairs viewed plucked with red stains abound
The dogs of death have ceased their chasing madding sound
For this now dying rabbit- its death now does face
The quivering rabbit does pay for its mistakes 
Breath the struggle- breath the riddled body desires
Breath of the last- till there is breath no more
The quivering rabbit stills upon the cold frozen ground

By Mark A. Goodson