What's On Your Mind Today

Written by: Annie Lander

What is on your mind today?
A war without repercussion
Or the History of creationism
A birth without the pain or vivid stories
A wedding without the bride or groom
A young life cut down to soon.
A presidential race without any lies
A casket without a cadaver
Facebook with friends or backstabbers?
Cancer treatment without radiation
Recession without a long bailout
or wearing high heel with toes out

A week without snow or rain
Birthday wishes without leaving messages

 Being so darn broke,
 you are so ashamed
Your limp wallet smoke

Buy one get the other free 
What up with that deal

When a man is ready to be faithful
Is he ready to accept his failures?
Is our lives  based on Bollywood referrals act.
Isn’t that the true facts?