Completely Decay

Written by: Laura Breidenthal

Crazed and disoriented, I cry to my speed-bumped heart
Hoping my brain will be aware enough to sense its ache
I breathe in and out strategically, feeling little comfort
Nothing pains me more than to have nothing to do. . .

Pouring deceit, I envelope my body in its substitute
I close my eyes and see strange pictures that never were
Manipulated in the darkness of lies I breach on sands
Of clamping clams and rocks, cutting through my logic

Veiled from the reality, I smile to speed your coming
But I fumble through the roads longing for your smooth trail
Only discerning a speed-bumped, sorrowful heart fail
And nothing can substitute the waste and darkness of truth

I will never be quite the same as before, but nor shall you
I will always be the one you abhor no matter how true
The road has ended sickly where my brain has backfired
The manipulation of our lives is bound to completely…decay