Reflection's Incandescence

Written by: Juniper Lock

Shadows form illusions upon the wall in our darkened room
only the twinkling stars and moonbeams can cast a glow through sheer curtains,
Amber apparitions sparkle in the twilight soon
and float across the room like a ghost,
flickers cause a warming color that shines off your face 
and reflecting the eyes of seductive love.....
Midnight darkness has its form of mystical beauty not replaced
ebony deep and haunting is etched within this atmosphere enough,
Like charcoal sketches lined with indigo blues and muted
Barely pale grey marks show on the canvas.....
Hidden and clandestine memories so deep below
The process of relinquishing the tragic incandescent,
Heartbroken are we trapped in darkest rapture
slinking silhouettes dance through the air
It seems we've given in by beasts are captured,
Remember pale and golden light that enters unaware
Cling to me and hold my flesh with all your might,
Kiss me endlessly as breath to starving breath
Wrap me in your arms of softest strength and sweet delight
Love me and  please hold me 'til there's nothing left to love with me.