swim into the falls

Written by: nastoshia siedlecki

Written 20071004
Sadness slowly flows through my veins 
The only way is a penalty 
I ask myself why did I do it 
What defeated the purpose in killing
 Such disparity, vengeance I created
 I look down at the reflection 
How could I be such an animal
 Staring at the face in the water 
My final decision has been struck
 I turned and looked at the surroundings
 Police in sight at every corner 
Thinking clearly, I must escape
 I do not wish to spend my life behind iron bars Inside these prison walls evil lurking everywhere Something that holds you unaware of consciousness 
I glance behind my shoulder nervously
 Running faster...
 step by step the men come 
Bending my knees I dive deep into the water There was a soft whisper seeping through my ears 
I listened to the voice speaking softly
 I swim far deep to the other side of the river
 I wait to see if someone is following 
Nothing but the rushing water above 
They were gone, no cops in sight or in view 
I cheer quietly for my success 
The victory of my escape
 My appreciation from the voice in which I heard Exciting to remember the very words
 "Swim into the falls."