WHY ME by Anna Lo P

Written by: Anna Lo

When I met you, I asked you
Why me? Why me? Why me?
Is there any reason for you 
to love someone like me.

You said "Never mind reasons"
And I felt maybe that's the reason
A reason for no reasons I want to hear
A reason I wouldn't fear.

And I asked myself those too
What is there about me? 
That something that he liked 
and hopefully he might pursue.

I'm not pretty, nothing to love
I'm not sexy, nothing to love
I'm not young, nothing to love
I'm not even his own kind, nothing to love.

So what is there about me?
Something which made him to like me?
Just a regular ordinary lady
Maybe I'm a girl that's extraordinary.

I'm funny, something to love
I'm naughty, something to love
Im a crying baby, something to love
I'm a sweety, something to love
I'm caring, something to love
I'm thoughtful,something to love
I'm smart, something to love
I'm a one fine lady, someone to love
I'm extraordinary, someone to love
I'm a Once in Lifetime Woman, you must love. 

But you're not around anymore
And can't hear this paramore, no more 
I still ask myself if there could be more
So you can love me, am I such a bore?..:(