When love gets betrayed

Written by: Anoucheka Gangabissoon

~~~~~~ Would you imagine my shame At the sight of my blame To your love, my sweetheart To that which caused us to part Could you feel my pain At that moment of black stain When your lips shattered our sanctity A marriage it was, based on sincerity! O horrible truth! Harsh facet of life Of what use is being your wife When your heart beats in her arms And blind are your eyes for my charms? Never thought I such a blasphemy Would befall our own matrimony Pray let me show mercy Pray let me forgive you truly Impossible it becomes when the thorns Prick my whole essence to make me become like forlorns! Better it is to go each on our way And let life guide us on a new alley! Love, why do you become ephemeral Why are you sometimes unreal O Life do you have to be so cruel Shall I ever dare to be once more affectional?! ~~~~~