The Priest

Written by: Jamie Rua

A house that I can't love 
This house that I am frightened of 
The noise that I hear through the night 
Makes my throat close in tight 

Sending shivers down my back 
Looking behind there's not a track 
It sometimes whispers in my ear 
But noone else hears what I hear 

Can it be something of evil 
A cry so far to say it's the Devil 
A light push of my hair 
Want to scream but I do not dare 

With visions of blood on the wall 
Don't pay attention, don't react at all 
Doors opening with noone there 
Trying to act as if I don't care 

Woke up with scars on my arm 
Now the entity is causing me harm 
I'm scared now for my well being 
Scared even more that I can't see it 

Finally called in a priest 
Hoping he'll help me at least 
Tried to get rid of it with an exorcism 
Devil laughed and said, "I'm not scared of him" 

Talked to the Devil, I did myself 
He said, "You know there is no help" 
He's throwing tables in a rage 
Trapped, my home became my cage 

Pleading for him to let me leave 
He grabbed the priest saying now you're free 
Running till I reach my door 
Looking back I can't ignore 

Hey Devil I cry to him 
Take me, who has sinned 
Smiling with a wicked grin 
You are no worse than him 

He is the one I've come to get 
A priest with no regrets 
A drunk and an abuser 
Come priest meet your future