The poem I never gave you

Written by: Lati james

You crept into my nightmare and I 
thought you made it a dream come 
my fantasy and reality become 
entangled when I think of you
Reality:i gave you my heart and you 
said you wouldn't hurt it
I sat threw the pain cuz I thought 
you were worth it
But in my fantasy I made you 
Reality: when I decided that to my 
life you would be fundamental 
Is the same time you decided that 
your feelings for me were accidental
And not letting you go has proven to 
be consequential
But in my fantasy I'm the lyrics to 
your instrumental
Reality:ill watch you downward 
spiral thinkin you can do this by 
You think that if you grind hard  
enough you won't need nobody else
But in my fantasy when you become 
over whelmed you ask for my help
Reality:you broke my heart my soul 
and my sanity
Your harsher than the worse kind of 
But in my fantasy, you've never 
done anything to insult my vanity
Reality: I sign every piece of art with 
( to: Napua. From: Lati (the one you 
But in my fantasy your worth more 
than the kush I smoke
And I'm more important than the 
last words you spoke
Reality: ill be here when you decide 
that you need love 
Ill be around when no one else gives 
a fuck 
But in my fantasy, us letting go is 
something we don't speak of.