Story Of A Stalker

Written by: Amy Hollar

You sneak to my window at night,
When I'm fast to sleep,
You stand there for hours and watch me sleep,
You this this days on end,
And I have no idea,
Till one day,
You picked a wrong day,

It was so dark and so cold,
But you can't resist,
You decide to journey out to my window,
You knew it was too cold,
But you couldn't stop yourself,
You stood there like you always did,
And the wind was howling,
Your was freezing but you didn't care,
You love my beauty,
You never knew my beauty would be the death of you,

The next day,
I woke up,
just like I always did,
I walked over to the window,
In my horror,
There you where,
Laying on the ground,
Frozen solid,
I was horrified,
I picked up the phone for help,
But you had been dead for hours,
I had no clue who you was,
Until I was told by the neighbors,
What an old lonely man you was,
You never came out much in the day.
So sad this story had to end this way,
You never know the truth of a stalker,
Till you find them dead at your window,
Doing there favorite thing in the world.