Written by: Seren Roberts

Autumn means colour
Walking in the lanes
Leaves all aglow
With a fiery flame

Mother nature at her best
Leaves fall on the ground
Leaving a vest of protection
For Insects around

Autumn shows the bare limbs
Of the trees with its nests
Where many a birds life began
Where now they take rest

Autumn brings action
The hustle of the squirrel at work
As she hides her nuts
Only to forget next year.

The little mice and hedgehogs 
Look for food to fill up their tums and 
Make up their warm beds
To snuggle up upon

The sound of autumn Is so unique
The crunch of leaves under your feet
The noise of the animals busy in their task
Before the quiet of winter begins at last 

Autumn is a wonderful time
To look back , since the last.
Missing those not here  now
Their time has past