The Best Creation is Female

Written by: Kamal Al-Adil

What kind of woman are you

Allowing men to mentally control you

To only be seen as a pleasure component

From most men your body is their land or playground for sin

I say land because your body bares tasty fruit men love to eat

No man should use the woman to mistreat or beat

If anything a man should walk a woman in the right direction in the street

Or into a home as his Empress

However many men would rather a good woman settle just as his mistress

I know its not your intent

For a man to play with your mental 

Remember your body is made to be fertile

Worth investing in physiologically

But you allow your mind to be controlled psychologically encouraged by players & pimps

Woman should teach girls to see the real woman outside & conscious personality within

It's hard to understand a woman's excuse for stripping

Using a phrase "it's for college"

Not thinking men visualize showing your female body for dollars is just one of your problems 

We enjoy to treat

But since your beautiful you should demand respect

It doesn't matter what level your living through an intellect

A females beauty has three phases

First its heard through the mouth

Then exemplifies through the personality

Lastly from the bright radiance of your smile & skin

That shines by the sun as a reflects from the face

Always know that your self esteem can always be replaced

With self assurance not insecurity

Know your the center of a mans universe 

Planets circulate around you

If its not true then stay hidden I guarantee men & our world would not know what to do