The Misfits

Written by: tristen temple

Calling out across the plain, Round em up Walley, we're going on a cattle drive....
Come on Becky Sue its time to rise and shine honey pooh; ruff ruff ruff, ruff ruff
Those dang dogs, everytime they spot a rabbit running after a flock of red robins
They go bonkos start spinning in tiny circles pissing upon the fire then the coffee 
Gets colder than a Jersey shore aneath a late December's starry starry night; Hey
Dusty, make sure you water the camels and feed the monkeys before we pull out 
Of here alright and tell Walley to get a move on if we're gonna make New York by
Sunset and tell Jethro to stop flirting with Becky Sue, this is serious shit; Hurry up
There's a storm coming I can feel it in my bones; Don't you see look at the script ?
...."The Misfits" *