Written by: Susan Burd

Poor Febrezio met his fate
One summer day, while on a date.
He took his gal down to the bog
To sit upon the perfect log.

They watched the stars and caught some flies
While gazing in each other’s eyes.
He crooned her with a froggy song.
She loved his voice and croaked along.

The two enjoyed the evening breeze.
Unfortunately it made him sneeze.
‘Cause that poor frog had allergies,
Which made him wheeze and shook his knees.

When he jumped left instead of right
It changed his life that summer night.
He landed smack inside a net
Where Joey caught his newest pet.

But Joey’s mom said, “Ewww, no way!”
“Please throw that slimy thing away.”
Instead that boy took it to class
And put that croaker under glass

Until he had his final date-
No log, no bog or nice frog mate.
Instead Febrezio will stay
Upon the cold dissecting tray.

By Susan Burd © 2012