Myrtle McKie

Written by: Susan Burd

I’ll tell you the story
Of Myrtle McKie.
She didn’t have two eyes,
Instead she had three.

The left one and right one
Were perfect in sight.
The one in the middle
Stayed open at night.

Her custom made glasses
Were stunningly bold;
Bedazzled in rhinestones
And rimmed in pure gold.

All three eyes were beauties
Of sapphire blue.
In unison they’d go,
“Wink, wink, wink,” at you.

But if you displeased her
And got her quite mad,
You’d go from her good side
And jump to the bad.

That eye in the middle
Could shoot out a jolt
And hit you straight on like
A hot lightning bolt.

So if you cross paths with
Mad Myrtle McKie,
Avoid those blue eyes like
The Plague and its fleas!

By Susan Burd © 2011