Written by: jeffry cohan

she heard what i had to say
from a thousand miles away
me in the east and her wherever angels dwell
one look and i fell under her spell

she couldn't see me and especially my lips
yet she heard what i had to say about her luscious hips
she saw not mine blue eyes that yearned to see her
and i was never lucky enough for things like that to occur

my voice sailed over sand and snow
its tone getting higher and my hopes sunken low
she never returned any of my sideways glances
but i was just screamings and taking my chances

for years my words took to the road or the street
and for too many years it was my belief i'd face defeat
my voice took its time but finally it got through
and 18 years later we both said to each other "i love you"
         (c) 2012.....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~