Written by: Chula Fleming

The meaning of Life:
   To touch, to feel, to see;
   To know without shadows of doubt
   of One's immortality.

Life is the kindergarten of the Cosmos;
A proving ground of worth.
Evolutionary graduations
Lift us high about the earth.

Reflections of the sunset
Through the prisms of our eyes,
Shine on as true illusions as Life
Laughs at our naivete and keeps smiling at our lies.

Graduate to a higher framework of thinking.
Move into the upper class of the Divine.
Life is not narrow, restrictive or limiting;
It's all in your state of mind.

Guard carefully your thoughts and emotions.
Sift them for the brightest nuggets of gold.
Glean out the best and most perfect image
Of your Highest Good that you can hold.

Then, let it shine in each moment and hour.
Fight yourself to save your own Soul.
You hold the key to your future and destiny
As you watch eternity unfold.