Giving You My Hand

Written by: kathryn ramirez

To the world you may be just another face,
but, for me, you are a true saving grace.
Your lips are sweet honey, I am a little bee.
Without you beside me, I cannot be free.
You're as strong as a spartan warrior, you protect my heart,
How much do I love you truly? well, where do I start?
Each morning, waking up, looking into your deep brown eyes,
I see something more beautiful then dew, on a rose, at sunrise.
No amount of treasures, in this world, or all the galaxies in space,
Could ever buy my loyalty for you, or even a day without seeing your face.
you love me strong, you love me true, you're my soulmate with no doubt.
and all your love and affection, is something, I cannot live without.
It's an addiction really, I depend on the true passion that we share.
It's almost pathetic how I long for any sign of emotion that you have to spare.
I have heard people say "my heart skips a beat" before, but mine nearly stops.
I can barely breathe yet I still wanna scream " I love you!!" from mountain tops.
I am writing you this letter, to try to help you to understand.
There is no one in the world, with whom, I would rather give my hand.