Written by: Prince Ekpemandu

Wandering how you sway
Through my mind this way
Mingling with my every thought
Finding every  passage to my heart
Most amazing,is how you stay there
In my mind for minutes..hours..just there
I have tried using figures to quantify
How you simplify
This clustered mind into one line
Or these thoughts of mine
Into nursery rhymes
But everytime I try I lose count
I just can't...
But I will do it all over again
Because for me its much more gain
Because I never want to reach the boundaries of 
our love
I never want to love you to the point where I know 
all about you
So iam sitting here thinking about you
Letting these thoughts feed on my memory
Feed on them still I don't have any
So I sit here,with an empty plate of thoughts
Still wanting more
Still wanting to explore
Those boundaries yet unraveled
Those miseries yet to be deciphered
Like how can I be in love with a thief
I mean you stole my heart
But funny enough I don't want it back
All I want in exchange is something to ponder
Something to linger on
Like a memory of you
See iam sitting down here..thinking of you