something poverty can't deny you

Written by: Anthony Slausen

northern winters harbor harshness
freezing confetti and sun to overpasses 
and bottlecap alleys..
snow angels never warm the backs 
of cinderblock children and gray eyed
a plea to the hobbled hobos and bums...
toward the equator,
nibble the candied ribbons of warmth
sashay the deer and goldfinch trails
far beyond the smokey smokey hills
and bombed out indifference,
pluck a meal from a friendly palm,
mind flirt with the woman in the pastel skirt
guess the color of her uncaring eyes
tiptoe across the ocean
wash the salt from the skies
place your heart in the warm sky nest
combing sandollars, beach glass and shiny dreams...
pretend your a white shoed-flower breasted tourist for an afternoon
inhale/exhale the boardwalk tunes
let it run up your spine-swirl
like a napa valley wine
skip sweetly like an ivory spawned child
turn today into butterfly arms
make a sand angel
even poverty can't deny you this