Not Pretty in Pink

Written by: Debbie Guzzi

Just thirteen and already hiding,
capped off like an old oil well,
ears clamped shut 
with a musical flair of pink in a bush
    of unkempt hair.

Thirteen and all balled up
     like a tribble in a Star-Trek bin
rounded shoulders, head down tucked
nope, not, never
 getting into her skin.

Already hiding behind the glass
of frames too big for her head,
legs crossed,           sketchbook open
drawing the visions   inside her instead.

Capped teeth      with braces
if she only knew 
[though she seemed to guess, I’m sure]
lots of strut was needed, swagger, panache
all of which
 she abhorred.

Off she’s gone behind lashes of woe
brought on by who knows what, or who?
Like an old oil well,     she sits and waits
that is unless she blows?

Ears clamped shut blaring bloody what, 
              who knew?
Not pretty in pink, not petite, or polite
do you know her      I do.