in a tipsy frame of mind

Written by: Linda-Marie SweetHeart

   "in a tipsy frame of mind"

my pen point was swirling and twirling to be
on a romantic adventure so fun and fancy free
with a tipsy turn here and with savoir faire' there
escaping to the Poetry Palace swimming for a "pen-mate" mare.

lo! and behold! being drunk with emotion
my pen jumped a dive in word-infested ocean
it rolled and it stretched; back strokes, as it fetched
on it's clip, hung by hook, the word "love" was etched.

my pen was so excited as another invited
in a drunken stupor, would love be unrequited?
as the black and gold form grew all toasty and warm
came face to face as a SHARPIE did swarm.

the moral is simple:  when the love bug soon soars
beware! of the SHARPIE whose inks bolder than yours!

*For Joann Grisetti's Drunken Pen 2 ...