214 b

Written by: jai Garg

Don't shoot me down with your neat coded numbers
Inhuman measure nice non corrupted style
I can’t get blown over by US beauties
For the one I love is already mine.

Look at you blonde hair with hardly a face
Heard "why the visit to US" she called out
I replied  "tourism is my intent madam
Pleasure with friends, no business for sure".

"Relations! of course carol's my net friend".
Immediate relations never a niece 
for I had cajoled DS-160 to kindly accept
But it hadn't bulged from its predefined stand.

"Ok what you do", I said "cinema-movie"
"You own it", I said "yes" a bit surprised
"Since when" was her shot and I cry "childhood"
"1962" in my consciousness as I blurted it out.

"What does your friend do" I said "works" loudly
"Where" and I told what I knew there and then
Remembered the place, city to name them; 
Seconds begin to tick like a time bomb.

With clicks she uploaded a coded disaster
Take this 214-b active and duly registered 
And when you can decode the puzzle reapply 
 Public response -New Delhi Discretion-:     

Now left, decry this immigration tag;
Certification: “courtesy  VO's gag"