Once Upon a Drunken Time

Written by: monique brandt

Awake in a daze,
I think I’m still drunk.	
What the hell is happening?
I gotta get outta this funk.

Who is lying next to me?
Thank God, my clothes are on.	 
Where did the sunlight go?
Oh…it’s only dawn. 

I thought I left the club,
With my friends behind in tow.	
How did I end up alone
With…I think his name, Joe?
Ugh! What a ho!

“Hey you need to leave”
I say to this guy.
“Uh…sure, yea… okay”
He says in reply.

Rap, Rap, Rap,
I hear at the door.	 
Crap, who is that?
As I step onto the floor.
“Go out my window!”
I frantically say
“What! Are you crazy?”
“Just shut up, obey!”

I force the sill open,
Say a quick bye.
He says, “Can I see you again?” 
I say, “No! Now goodbye!”

A quick look in the mirror,
Oh God, I’m a wreck.		 
Head straight for the door,
Open it onto the deck.

“What a night, eh?”
My neighbor declares.
“Yea, what happened?”
I say in a stare.

“Actually,” I interrupt,
“I don’t want to know.
By the way, I need to go. 
I’ll see you later on this morn.”