The Shirelles

Written by: Robert Pettit

This is one of the most famous “girl groups” anyone knows. They began in Passaic, New Jersey as the “Poquellos” The four members were Shirley Owens and Beverly Lee, along with Addie “Mickie” Harris, and Doris Coley. These four young girls had a huge stroke of luck for a fate when they had Mary Jane Greenberg for a high school classmate. This start of some great careers took place in nineteen fifty-eight. Mary Jane’s mother operated a small record label. Florence Greenberg knew these girls were quite talented and able. Now known as “The Honeytones”, they recorded their first song. “I Met Him on a Sunday” was a hit. It did not take long before “The Shirelles” became a popular recording act. Their success in entertainment became a solid fact. Everything with their careers seemed to be going quite right. “Dedicated to the One I Love” and “Tonight’s The Night” along with “Baby, It’s You”, “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”, “Mama Said’, and many other hit songs some people would know boosted their popularity and brought them much joy. However, their biggest hit was a short one called “Soldier Boy” This intended B-side song brought them their greatest success. It went to number one, and brought everyone happiness. That little song they did not care for helped them on their way. Success and fame continued for this group from day to day Music from this girl group is still played and enjoyed today. Thanks to both online encyclopedia and for information I obtained to write this poem.