First blood

Written by: kasim ishmael

Love can make you happy
Love can be also cruel
Love can be so wicked
And make you feel like a fool

Love can look so tasty
Like chicken and rice
Then make you scratch your head
Like if you have lice

Love can put you in the mood
For some rum and coke on ice
Some girls are made of peppers
And some of sugar and spice

I know I’m losing the battle
But I won’t give up on the war
And if you think I will surrender
I’ll came back to fight some more

My heart are badly wounded
Being drag through the mud
But when you show me love
You drew first blood

I was just being lonely
Something I can do it so well
You show me loves magic
And put me under your spell 

But I don’t blame you
In fact I thank you so much
You show me happiness
Now that I want to touch

You open love’s river
And in my heart there’s a flood
And will fight for your affection
Because you drew first blood

And although I’m hurting
Wouldn’t let it show on my face
Will be like a tired marathoner
Determent to finish the race

The battle for love has just started
Intent to give it my all
And if I fail to win you’re your heart
Just bury me where I fall

I was just a lonely story teller
Sharing with friends on wire club
You reach out and touch my heart
And you drew first blood