the posh tart

Written by: jan oskar hansen

The posh Tart. 

She, an old fashioned girl, when walking past me
dropped her handkerchief, gallantly I picked it up.
and hand it to her, it was scented and had enticing  
aroma of womanhood. Said her price and my face
fell into the street where it was dragged along by
a cleaning car. She didn´t look that way- short skirt
beret and red handbag-. Said she only picked up
    gentlemen, I was going home from a literary party 
    consisting of pork pie, hot air and warm red wine.
I walked into a bar, had a double whisky thought 
    about what she had said… calling me a gentleman.  
From the inside of the bar I saw her drop her silk
hankie again, like bait, this time she caught a fish 
and off they went to make posh love, I marveled 
over my everlasting naivety and wondered if she 
called him a gentleman too.