Inside Myself

Written by: monique brandt

Inside Myself

Inner strength,
Bring me peace.
Cover me over,
To be released.

Beauty inside,
Reveal yourself.
Find within,
The forgotten wealth.

Prove to me.
So I don’t fail,
Or cease to believe.

Forgotten glory,
Shine again.
Return unto thee,
My heart to mend.

Veiled character,
Remain unstained.
Remove the dust,
That still remains.

Tampered spirits,
Revive your song.
Sing once more,
To whom you belong.

Unnamed splendor,
Rise again yet.
Though it may vanish,
Do not forget.

Traveled feet,
Wander from afar.
Yet never be fooled,
By who you truly are.

Opened eyes,
See the clear view.
Do not bite off,
More than you can chew.

Exhausted ears,
It’s hard to know.
Who to trust,
And who to let go.