Beware The Doghouse

Written by: Jack Ellison

Valentine's Day is just four months away
Are you ready to show her some love
For that beautiful someone sharing your life
An affair that fits like a glove!

You mustn't forget or ignore this occasion
Most romantic time of the year
To ladies, it's the supreme test of your love
Mess up... it's the doghouse I fear!

You'll feel her wrath for a long time to come
Like winter in the month of May
The calendar will say that spring has arrived
But the frost won't soon go away!

Just a reminder to order those flowers
It's never too early to plan
Or buy her chocolates, that's always good
You'll wind up being DE MAN!

If you mess up, don't come crying to me
I warned you in plenty of time
No, go somewhere else, you can't live here
You've committed the ultimate crime!

© Jack Ellison 2012