A Life's Tragedy

Written by: Somnath Roy

As I lie on a moonless night under the blue, starry sky,
Thinking of the world around, and all my earthly ties
I realise I have to leave all these and walk past the line
To reach another sphere of life, only known to “time”
Suddenly a mortal fear grips my saddened soul -
What if I fail to accomplish all my unfulfilled goals?
Will the Lord forgive me for my shameful incompetence -
Or, shall I have to sit in a corner and forever repent?
Faces of my loved ones flash in my mind;
It will be so cruel to leave them behind
So I wonder why were we made to be like this-
First to secure a strong bond and then to strip it off with ease?
For I shall be gone and my body will turn black and gross.
But the people close to me will suffer an irreversible loss,
If only I could take them with me to the “other world”,
And decorate my life with a necklace of pearls;
A new fear arises – the fear of death,
With striking vengeance, I'm nearing to it with every breath.
The lush green trees, the sparkling blue water, all seem so familiar to me,
My sweet, humble home lights up as a glorious canopy,
The people of the world, their caring love and warm smiles:
Surpassing all boundaries, stretching for endless miles
With this, my body feels numb as my heart lets out a silent cry
That I could only appreciate the beauty of this world when I was about to die....