If I Just Could

Written by: jett franco

If my heart 
could stand alone
Hold on its spirit's 
greatest energizer 
I'll let it kneel at your side, 
give you praise..... 
for you alone!

If my eyes will be blind 
for the next day,
I'll wish one thing 
I could see
Before that darkness 
dissolve my soul,
I want to see 
your radiant beauty and splendour.

Coz I read your eyes 
As the heavens above,
The lunar brilliant picture 
of the rare blue moon.
The lips of ocean 
in breeze of snowy winter,
Golden relics of angel's coveted 
wings of light.

For you alone 
dearest heaven on earth 
My life, glory and strength 
For you alone 
dearest crimson lips
The one I really 
missed the most.

Now the special day had arrived 
I speak my love to you my love.
For this heart only speaks of you
I'll hold till next time I see you smile.