The Troll Bridge

Written by: Timothy3 Jacks

The Troll Bridge is located in the middle of no where
And if I tell you where it is don't you ever go there

The Troll is a Rock by a tree
With evil spirits he is full of deception.

He watches over all travlers
He chooses and picks his unaware victims very wisely

Whenever it rains he sometimes turns into a walking Dog
That talks to unwary people in the night

Then tricking there souls and keeps them under the bridge
For all eternity

The wind blows on the eve before the hayride
He prepares a place in his heart for the children

He says "this year im really gonna get them"
Now here comes an angel from heaven

He quickly turns back into a rock
The angel sits on it and says listen

"Right now i sit on you 
but my next words are fixing to crush you"

Now get up and turn into that Dog again.
And walk away from this place and never return.

I will free all the spirits you have captured
And you'll know I'll always stay after your ass