The Wind is Isolde - Part 2

Written by: Terry O'Leary

 Continued from Part 1

The circles are swirling, they flash from the crown,
from the rainbows of summer, the circus in town.
While the compass wheel’s spinning, the minutes unwind
in the morning monsoons – 
                                        help me grab what you need... I’ll not leave you behind

The gremlins grin, groping, they know that they must
though the sprites and the pixies no longer have trust.
They sling bolted arrows at shades undefined
but the clouds are unsettled –
                                        so fly from your fears... I’ll not leave you behind

The cannons keep calling, the piccolos shriek
and the druids drift, drumming, while pale pagans speak .
They’re urging me forward, my senses they’ve mined,
and the trail is erupting – 
                                        just follow my heels... I’ll not leave you behind

In vampire steeples, cathedral clocks tick
dripping droplets of wax neath a white candle’s wick.
Within the night’s terrors the flames are enshrined
but the glim is fast fading – 
                                        so scatter the ash... I’ll not leave you behind

The looking glass glistens, the firefly glows,
hear the fairies tap-dancing on tiny tip toes.
The twilight’s collapsing, which serves to remind
that the dusk turns to dust –
                                        so forget your farewells... I’ll not leave you behind	

The wind is a woman, she burns like a brand
and conceals crazy secrets caught carved in the sand.
She whispers her mysteries but leaves them unsigned,
for the wind is Isolde – 
                                        I’m raising my sails... I’ll not leave you behind