The Sunset Sky

Written by: Somnath Roy

The sunset sky, stretched far & wide
Radiant with the glow of the setting sun; 
So romantic & charming.
Hand-in-hand came two young lovers, 
Locking lips passionately, cuddling each other, 
And muttered those fragrant words-
“I love you darling! ”

The terrible sounds of the explosive war-hounds
Intimidating the people to die
Heaps of cadavers laid down in tiers, 
Kill & be killed-
That’s the wish to be fulfilled
Ridiculing the value of life; 
For, war is an immortal fear! 

Mighty air-raids, adding to the number of dead
Young soldiers obliterated in a minute, 
Mercilessly slaughtered by the nation; 
Aircrafts crashing to ground with such deadly speeds-
Only shows the amount of insurmountable greed
Man has inflicted upon himself, 
Wiping out the possibility of a next generation.

But, the hapless martyrs still open their fires
And take it to their hearts liking, 
To lay down with a defeated sigh-
The blood-stained clouds mourn the closing of blossoming flowers, 
And offer their prayers with soul-touching showers, 
Uniting with the mothers’ cry-
That’s the legend of the sunset sky!