Written by: Colleen Bono

If you only knew,what I go through,
living day by day,
then you would know,just what it was,
that made me feel this way.

If you only knew,how it was,
to feel you don't belong,
and try to figure out,just
when it went so wrong.

If you only knew,why I think,
the bad thoughts that I do,
then you would see,in my world,
and agree my life is through.

If you only knew,how close I am,
to giving up on life,then you
would feel,the pain I feel,from
the deeply piercing knife.

If you only knew,the plan I have,
and will finally be at peace,
for it's the only way,that I can see,
for all my pain to cease.

                                                                          Colleen Marie Bono