My dream

Written by: Seren Roberts

I dream that i am the saviour
Bringing peace to the souls
Of the people in conflict
Bringing them home

I dream i am the champion
Of the bullied filled with dread
Give them the courage 
To hold up their head

I dream i am the perfect son
My folks deserve that , it's true
One that works hard
For the family and you.

I want to be friends with all
To help as i can, 
Friend to the many old folk
Who have no one 

Everyone needs a friend
To talk to when in need
To share their problems  with
Their hopes and future deeds.

To everyone i am that friend
The one that sits so quietly
Listening to a troubled mind
Filled with pain and hurting  deeply.

Please help me to ease the pain
To calm a troubled soul
To take them by the hand
To lead them home. 

Thats my dream.