The Twisting Mind

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

The Twisted Mind
It behoves you well to delve in the twists and turns of my mind
As my thoughts undulate through the passages before the truth you find
Do the Tarantula March and dance well through the space
Where processing thoughts and words mingle, dancing with such grace…

Each twist, each turn, each thought kicked high, and then cleaved down low
Thrown and tossed out, chopped and diced, then a new thought does grow
My mind is dark, then light as can be, loving and warm but searching to be free.
Free from what my mind tied screams, yet I know I have heard the decree…

So pick your dance and partner well, as you skip through my mind in a twirl
The conglomeration of thoughts and brainstorms you may just unfurl
Tread carefully all those that want to know what lurks inside
You never just know the Devil, may have just taken a new bride…
©~GG~ 5/10/2102