God's call to souls


God ‘s call to souls
I am in front of you in all times
I am in front of you in all along your way
Though I am moving ahead  in your path
You are struggling ,fearing to walk in your way!
Say why such fear in your mind in life?
Whatever it happen  I will be with you 
Why didn’t you realise my presence?
I am in you and I am guiding you 
Why didn’t you believe  this ?
Am I treat you as a poor sou?l 
Though  I am a God, have I behave as a God?
As a mother,  friend  and as pet animal 
I am with you  in this world
You are going to temples  and tours  
To search of my nearness
I am always with you as rain ,sunlight ,breeze
Why didn’t realize this my son?
You need not search me  I am very closer to you
I am waiting  in the door steps of your heart
Keep the doors of you hearts be opened 
 To mingle  myself in your  thoughts