The First Debate

Written by: ilene bauer

Like gladiators, though in suits,
They marched onto the stage,
Their confidence or nervousness
Impossible to gauge.

The moderator welcomed them.
The crowd gave their applause;
And then we held our breaths, in hope
Of seeing someone’s flaws.

Their words lashed out, attacking,
Modern weapons they were wielding;
And both repeated errors – 
To the truth they weren’t yielding.

We squirmed a bit at things they said
And silently entreated,
Encouraging our candidate
To not act so defeated.

The commentators waited
‘Til the battle reached its end
And then declared the winner,
Which supporters would defend.

At home, we turned the tube off
And, elated or dismayed,
We wondered if the undecided
Might have gotten swayed.

With two more competitions
Plus the VP’s set to meet,
It’s too soon to determine
Who will end up in defeat.